A while back I was seated with one of my mentors, and I asked him, ‘How can I share and partake from the wisdom you possess?’ His answer was simple, ‘Questions. Questions are the access codes to unlocking wisdom and receiving practical guidance.’

Dear Minister, as I have walked on in life, I have found this ‘Questioning Strategy’ to be so true, not only in mining wisdom from fathers, mentors and instructors, but also in getting answers and guidance from God. With God, you can’t assume; you must walk in definiteness of purpose and instruction. You must ask and seek God for answers. I have seen many people run without receiving the full details of their mandate – their call.

A conversation I had with a brother a while ago will help explain this truth. He came and told me ‘God has called me, and I am going to be a Pastor.’ I said ‘Fantastic; what does He want you to do? What is your message?’ He said ‘Pastor.’ I smiled. Pastor? That is just an office, there are many shepherds (pastors) in the world, but none is like every other. Your message will determine your flock and your message will sharpen and shape your flock. I asked him further ‘Where does God want you to do it?’ He said ‘My local assembly.’ I asked, ‘Did He tell you that?’ He said ‘No, but I think it’s obvious.’ I told him: in the spiritual, nothing is obvious and absolute except God’s word. Don’t presume, walk with certainty with God. Being in the wrong place is dangerous for your life and ministry. A tree will only flourish in the right ground.

He said, ‘You know, I don’t think I can have all the answers.’ You can, why not? God is not keeping secrets from you, His Spirit is in you, if you don’t know, it’s because you are not asking. Solomon said in Proverbs 25:2, ‘IT IS THE GLORY OF GOD TO CONCEAL A MATTER, BUT THE GLORY OF KINGS IS TO SEARCH OUT A MATTER’. You are a king with God!

I know there are details of your ministry that God will reveal to you as you work and walk with Him. But you can receive the general scope now. I will encourage you to ask these questions from God, it will help you run your race with definiteness and it will sharpen your cutting edge.

1. What would You have me do?

2. Why do You want me to do it? Why are You sending me?

3. How would You want me to do it?

4. When do You want me to do it?

5. For how long do You want me to do it?

6. Where would You want me to do it?

7. With whom are You sending me?

Understand that your ministry depends on it. It is time to ask God, it is time to refine your call, and it is time to walk with God.

Further, Job said in Job 29:16, ‘…AND THE CAUSE WHICH I KNEW NOT I SEARCHED OUT’. How did he search them out? By questioning, asking, ploughing…Prophet Hosea said in Hosea 6:3, ‘AND WE SHALL KNOW AND FOLLOW ON IN KNOWING THE LORD….’ (Jubilee Bible). How do we do this knowing, Jesus said by asking – ‘ASK, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU; SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND; KNOCK, AND IT SHALL BE OPENED TO YOU’. Matthew 7:7, and James also speaking in James 4:2 says we have not because we ask not.

I love that the Holy Spirit is in you, Man of God, and He will reveal truth to you, Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:10, ‘BUT GOD HAS REVEALED THEM TO US THROUGH HIS SPIRIT. FOR THE SPIRIT SEARCHES ALL THINGS, YES, THE DEEP THINGS OF GOD.’ Amen!

It is time to walk with certainty, to run with an aim and to fight with precision. You can fulfil your ministry! Yes, you can get answers – all you need to do is to ask and keep asking. Amen – I know you are destined for greatness and God will use you as a light in this generation but you must know exactly what He wants from you. You must be absolutely certain you know. You should know…and know that you know! Now is the time to ask and know. Alleluia! I hope this 13th letter helps you find meaning, definiteness, and focus. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi


Telegram: https://t.me/thefisayoadeniyi


  1. ‘Your message will determine your flock and your message will sharpen and shape your flock’


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