The most awesome thing about the anointing of God is the way you feel and what you sense when you are under its power. Only those who have ever been under the cloud of His glory can understand how it feels. It’s like God camped in your soul; you become mega sensitive, mega powerful and awesomely humbled by the bliss of His person. And soon, the cloud lifts…you discover you are hungry, you remember your wife, your humanity dawns on you.

Those encounters can make you believe you need no one, but don’t ever believe that nonsense. Don’t ever think less of the value of men. Men are the reason there is a ministry in the first place – Ministry is service rendered to men on behalf of God, so when your ministry has no appeal (by appeal I mean relevance) to men, the door of your ministry is gradually closing.

The vision of God for your life can never be achieved by the weightiness of the anointing alone – you will need men. People who run with the vision. If there are no men, it means there are no ‘runners’. Surely, God’s call comes to a man alone, but it cannot be achieved by a man alone – he needs associates, friends, partners and believers in the vision.

Ministry comes with varied and diverse needs. The anointing will not feed you directly; God will send men to you who will minister to your needs and you must make it easy for them. Understand that no man possess a unique anointing such as there is no one on earth like him. If you don’t treat people well, they will leave you, and your needs will not be met. Value all men, no matter who they are. The needy today may become your pillar of support tomorrow. And until you see your relationships as the Lord’s doing, they can never be marvellous in your sight. Men are still God’s method. He will always use men for us.

My admonition to you today is that you learn to:

1. Walk with other men.

2. Communicate your vision effectively and clearly

3. Respect people’s opinions, personalities and experiences

4. See the value of team work.

5. Honor all men

Remember Paul had Timothy, Luke, Aquila and Priscilla. Jesus had his disciples and other women who ministered to His needs. Your needs will be met by men. Barnabas had John Mark. David had his mighty men. No man is mighty without men, and no man is great without connection. I know the anointing literally drips from you, but that doesn’t make you a mini-god, calm down, sooner rather than later, you will discover you need men. We are meant to do ministry in interconnectedness, so that we without them will not be made perfect.

Dear minister, I hope my 10th letter meets you well and I hope you thrive in your relationships. Remember what you don’t value will not work for you, until you value men you will not reap the fullness of their blessings.

Grace to you!


Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi


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