Man of God, Learn Submission

When I received the call of God to full time ministry in November 2009, the major question in my heart was God, where do I get trained? Who do I submit to? Which Chariot would you want me to join? And when God spoke to me to return to Ilorin, and submit to The Very Reverend George Adegboye, I conferred not with flesh and blood, but I did all I could to live under, to submit my mission to Him, to serve Him and to serve the kingdom through His calling.

Dear Young Minister, you will need to have an authority over your life and learn to submit to him/her. I am not speaking of someone that adds to your shine or whose name you drop. These days, I see loads of young ministers thrive on name dropping. Oh I was with Pastor…You know Bishop told me…When I was praying with Rev – ‘Lori Iro’ (All lies).When it comes to life or ministry decisions, they do not consult their oversight, but when they are in discussions amongst their peers, they drop the name of the senior minister to gain respect and prestige – they tell tales of their exploit together. Shame! That is not submission; submission is obedience, it is honour; kingdom service, love, dignity, reverence and ceding authority.

Submission is the state of being obedient, the act of accepting the authority or control of someone else. Rebellion is not submission, keeping secret and ‘scoping’ 😉your Man of God is deception. I have seen people adamantly tell me, God said, when I knew God said nothing – and because they allowed themselves to be led, they have been saved from pain and horror.

Me and My Spiritual Father – Rev. George Adegboye

Listen, Ministry is about God’s instructions and you must have checks in your life. People who can keep you from deceit, men who can tell you truth without mincing words. The moment you grow beyond authority in your eyes, you are one step into damnation. Don’t listen to praise singers, and hypocritical talkers – they tell you how awesome you preach and how no one they know is as anointed as you – ‘Lori Iro’ (All lies).

You need to submit and I mean really submit – don’t go telling your spiritual authority your decisions, you need to discuss what you believe God is saying – the revealed plans of God. Get counsel! Don’t let anyone tell you Jesus had no father and no mentor. The last I checked you are not, Jesus, and even if you are – You can’t be the Christ.

Man of God, you need to also stop changing fathers like you are changing diapers – Paul told the Corinthians – 1 Cor 4:15 – you can only have one father. Don’t change your father because you disagree with him, or he is busy or he reproofs you. He is your father not your lover, and by God, he will chastise you!

You also need a covering – that speaks of wisdom, counsel, prayers and authority. Oh Timothy, you need a Paul who will lead you into destiny. Titus, you need someone to teach you the ways of God’s dealing, and even Archippus needs someone who constantly reminds him of purpose.

Ministry is full of fleeting beauties and ego building blocks – a lot of people who will answer at your beck and call. You need someone to remind you of your smallness – you need a home where you can be a servant, a place where you can be a child, a person who strikes you with the rod and the staff, and yes, you need to accept their authority and control.

Man of God, I hope this 15th letter shows you that you need a Father, Mentors and Instructors and you need to submit to them. You may not always agree with them, but then if God sent you to them, they are what you need for life, godliness, and ministry, and they will give account of their stewardship to Him. Grace to you as you live a life of submission.

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Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi


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