Ministry is Sowing Seeds

In the early years of my joining full time ministry, one of my rituals was to take a prayer/meditation walk at night. One night in 2010, God said to me, ‘WHATEVER YOU DO, SAY OR GIVE IS A SEED FOR…’ That night, one of my anchor principles was formed – do all as a seed, for harvest is coming. When you see me do all that concerns God and His kingdom to the point of exhaustion, it’s partly because I know, harvest is coming.

Dear Man of God, I want to emphasize seeds as it concerns ministry in this letter.

1. MINISTRY LIKE SEEDS WILL TAKE TIME. And like all seeds, it will go through processes before it germinates and becomes fruitful. You will not become known in a day; you will not walk in the fullness of the anointing in your first years. Your walk with the Holy Spirit may not be perfect yet. Yes, you will make mistakes; and you must learn patience. God will use you but wait on Him, don’t rush the process. IT WILL TAKE TIME. Certain times I have seen people want to have the results of certain generals, without understanding their stories. Do you know that for many years Pastor Poju was tilling the ground at Yaba – No you only know of Covenant Nation today. Relax!

2. YOUR MINISTRY IS THE SEED. Your callings, giftings, skills, resources and time are your ministry seeds, be sure to be planting them. You have an opportunity to counsel, do it well. You are called to close the meeting in prayers, do it honourably. And yes, there is more – you are asked to clean the church, or clean somethings in your pastor’s house, drive the church bus – don’t nag, don’t complain, don’t say, ‘with all my anointing…’ What anointing?! Keep quiet and get the job done. Do all your hands find to do well. This is the real testing ground. Kingdom men don’t mind carrying shoes, as much as it is for the kingdom.

3. BE CAREFUL OF THE QUALITY OF SEED YOU SOW. I have heard many people say, ‘when I get to my own ministry I will do better, I will commit to a better level of excellence’. Really. 🤨 I hear you! What you are now is what you will be then. Your service is not the results of your head but of your heart. Whatever you sow you will also reap – the way you do other people’s work, is the way others will do your work. That should make you fearful MOG.

4. DON’T MOCK GOD. I have seen many people who want to harvest, having not sown seed. Galatians 6:7, God cannot be mocked. How dare you think of having an impactful ministry when you haven’t served? Service is the key to greatness. And the time of planting must precede the time of harvest. Learn to serve, all these things you tell yourself, ‘I only need one opportunity and the world will know…’ Stop it! The world will know nothing and it’s not a curse. You must learn to serve – you can’t just sit on the balcony waiting for ‘Your Supernatural Shifts and Time’ – please join the movement, join the kingdom work. Share fliers, cast out devils, do visitation, join the prayer team, clean the church, give a helping hand. Dear minister, do something!

Go back to your church, submit yourself, yes serve under that your ‘REVELATION-LESS’ Pastor, at least that’s what you think about him, be under authority. The reason you are going from father to father is because you cannot submit. The reason it seems your prayers in ministry are not answered is because there are no seeds to bless. You can’t put something on nothing.

Retrace your steps Man of God. Sow seeds, accept where you are right now, under the ladder – not on top yet, it is where you are, and not your permanent state – now start sowing seeds to go up. For our seed – kingdom service is the capital we give God to work with it.

I hope this 14th Letter helps you re-analyse kingdom service and understand that to go up, you must serve.

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi


NB: For my sermons, you can join my Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/thefisayoadeniyi

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