Of Ministry Titles, Callings and Fads

A while back I was in Ghana and one of the first things I noticed ministry wise was that the most popular title being used was that of a Prophet – so in Ghana if you are heavily anointed you will either be a Prophet or an Apostle. On the streets of West Legon through Tema you would see different billboards and posters and the titles mostly are Prophet, Apostle, a few Bishops and fewer Pastors. It seems the title of pastor was reserved for the minimal few.

When you cross the border into Nigeria – almost all those called of God are Pastors – whether they are crusaders, missionaries, prophets or not, so the statistics in Nigeria is the reverse- most are Pastors, some Bishops, a few are Prophets and fewer are Evangelist-in fact, that seems to be reserved for drama and music ministers. Titles no longer describe what to expect in terms of callings and expressions.

But wait a minute? Could it be that God called many more Prophets to Ghana and more Pastors to Nigeria? No! No! No! Many times it’s only a function of societal acceptance, appreciation and the offices and titles of frontlines Men of God in the society. What is in vogue is who we are? In these days of Apostle Selma and Apostle Arome, a lot of young ministers call themselves Apostles – albeit their is no calling, expression and no evidence to support the title. But sons of apostles are apostles. Funny!

A while back in the city of Ilorin, almost everyone with a call was a Prophet, though there were no prophetic signs, utterances and visions – but it was a fad. It was what commands attention. Or would you rather listen to Bro Silas than Apostle Silas? 😉 Dear Young Minister, I am not against titles, I simply pointed out a trend – what is my submission? My submission is simple and candid – that prefix is not important, what is important is you fulfilling your ministry, and bearing the signs of your calling.

Don’t crave titles, don’t get angry because someone didn’t address you well. Stay humble – it’s not the title that matters, it’s the expression, the grace and the glory – that Man of God is what you should seek after. Don’t name yourself before you are born. Stay in the calling of God for your life. That’s what matters – the naming will come later. Kenneth E. Hagin is known for his results, not his title.

Pursue God, and live as God has commissioned you. I know this is a hard pill for some to swallow – but some of these titles are completely irrelevant to the callings of people bearing them.

Man of God; love and seek His presence, pray and follow God’s instructions for your life. If they ask you who you are, tell them your name – simply your name. A time will come if God wills, they will not ask for your name, they would know it, and they will introduce you based on the office you have occupied and the ministry gifts that are fully functional in you. Until then, keep your head down. I hope this 14th Letter helps guide you into what is important. Grace is given!

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi


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