Quite recently, I had a chat with some friends in ministry and we were observing how certain ministers (giants in the faith) are not in on the social media live. Though they had very fantastic social media management and engagement – they were not just in on the live thing. I mean, we were sure, many people would have loved to have them on their Live Chat or videos. But they simply weren’t doing it.

We observed how this didn’t have a negative impact on their ministry or their cutting edge, and we drew out the lessons – ‘DO ALL YOU MUST IN MINISTRY BASED ON GOD’S INSTRUCTIONS AND CONVICTIONS’. Don’t do anything because everyone is doing it. God may be in the wind for Moses but He may not be in the wind for Elijah. This reminds me of a word from Bishop TD Jakes, “Every message has its platform”. Don’t go on a platform that is not yours.

Dear, Man of God, am I saying you shouldn’t be on social media, by all means, be. But you must have your divine strategy, you must operate within the scope of your calling. You shouldn’t start prophetic prayers because of how mega Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD is, you shouldn’t plan ministers conference because of Pastor Dele Osunmakinde’s M3 Summit or because of Elevation Church – Exponential Conference. You can’t just go doing things, because you saw it’s result and impacts. Spiritual things are not duplicated simply by copying them – results go where God’s word has first been.

Trends come and go, as it is in life so it is in ministry. It may be that everyone you know is going live on social media, or they may be having prayer conferences, or Hours in the Holy Ghost meetings, some may be chanting, and some may be groaning. It doesn’t mean you have to do it. Stick with God. If He has called you to have faith meetings, by all means have them. If He wants you to have revival meetings, go ahead and have them. It may not look like it makes sense, but God’s wisdom surpasses the best of men’s.

Again, seek the newer things of God, we have not yet exhausted the possibilities and the dimensions of God. God’s instructions to you may be ordinary, but just follow it. You may be the next big shifter in the kingdom. For I have observed several popular trends, and many of them mightily changed the subset of our church and spirit culture. In recent times, we have gone deeper into the spirit, we have established new frontiers, we have gone deeper with God, and we have discovered new territories. But there is yet more in God. He is the God of the New!

Teaching at Evolve Conference…

“REMEMBER YE NOT THE FORMER THINGS, NEITHER CONSIDER THE THINGS OF OLD. BEHOLD, I WILL DO A NEW THING; NOW IT SHALL SPRING FORTH; SHALL YE NOT KNOW IT? I WILL EVEN MAKE A WAY IN THE WILDERNESS, AND RIVERS IN THE DESERT.” Isaiah 43:18-19 KJV. Yes, let go of what it’s seen, reach deeper into God for new graces, new expressions and new frontiers. Remember, He is our inexhaustible spring of divine ideas.

I hope the 17th Letter inspires you to dare to be different, to seek God’s unique way and platforms for you and to discover God’s plan for the expressions of your gifts. Stay in God’s plan.

NB: To access the whole letter series and other resources, visit, www.letterstoyoungministers.com, and be sure to subscribe. Grace to you.

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi



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