Bishop T. D. Jakes once preached a message, ‘God has moved on’, if you will not be left behind in the scheme of God for your time, then you must learn to respond to the advances and progressions of God in your days. You must not stay dogged on what we used to do. You can’t keep saying, ‘remove not the old landmark’, for Christ sake, that verse speaks on integrity and not cheating your neighbour; and it has nothing to do with the traditional belief of staying doggedly on something that apparently isn’t working.

Man of God, the only constant is change, and we must learn to live not only in the changing kaleidoscope of life but also of Ministry. A lot of things have changed, and I can assure you a lot will continue to change. Change is not optional, whether you change or not; things will continue to change.

Many ministries have become dormant because they refused to change. They refuse to change their programs, they refuse to change their style; they will rather sing the same songs, pray those irrelevant prayers and do those discipleship classes that helps no one but bolsters the pride of the set man.

We must learn to differentiate between objectives (call and purpose) and the methods. You should stay true to your purpose but methods can and should change. For instance, if my purpose is catching fishes, then my method is HOW I catch fishes. I can stay with my grandpa’s line; hook, line and sinker or I can go with industrial fishing nets and increase my capacity.

We must stop being a church or ministry that spiritualize methods, there is nothing spiritual about the how… so the shadows of Peter healed the sick, so Jesus made clay from mud and spit, so Paul’s handkerchief healed the sick. All of that is great but the result is the real deal – PEOPLE WERE HEALED! Do we understand that methods can change?

So, you had a prayer meeting and 5,000 people gathered physically in 2003, do you know 45,000 people are gathering daily online in 2021? They are in their separate houses but they are praying in one accord. Amen! People are raising millions not via launching events- GoFundMe is doing that. People, change has come, our God has moved, and it’s time we start chasing after Him.

MOG, change is not the enemy. Change is the lover. Anytime we are planning programs I always ask questions.

Why do we have to do praise and worship?

Why do we have to end the service with the saying of the grace?

Why do we have to pass the basket to take offering?

Why do we have to sit in front?

Why must we have a choir in church?

Need I continue? You can add yours.

It’s time to start questioning what you do. Because as you question it, you are better able to modify and change it. Nothing is set in stone, except Jesus and your purpose. Everything else is changeable. And if you don’t change it, the world will turn away, or move on from you. And you will be a thing, a force and a ministry in the past.

Let me wrap up my 18th letter by praying that, may the monstrosity of rigidity not swallow you, may you receive grace to move as God moves. May your wheel turn as God turns the wheel of the world. And may you never be a yesterday’s man – your path keeps shining more and more…it’s getting better. Grace to you. Amen!

NB: To access the whole letter series and other resources, visit, www.letterstoyoungministers.com, and be sure to subscribe. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi


1 comment on “GOD IS ON THE MOVE

  1. daralade

    Timely letter
    Thanks daddy


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