Many years ago, when I was still a student, I was attending a Holy Ghost meeting with a friend. In the midst of the manifestation of the Spirit, I thought I picked something from my spirit, I looked at my friend and said the Holy Spirit just said…. He burst out laughing and said ‘That can’t be God, that is you’. I didn’t at first agree with him, but today when I remember the incident, I laugh at myself! If I share the details with you, you wouldn’t even bother reading on.

Man of God, Ministry is about making decisions, or may I say following divine instructions. Many of these instructions you will pick up in your spirit as God speaks directly into your heart – the candle light will sparkle and you will know what to do. A few times, God will speak by visions, dreams and prophecies. All these are spirit communications. Therefore, we must learn to test all spirit, be sure your instructions and decisions are from God.

And because you are not a WHOLE SPIRIT BEING – you have soul and body – you may get certain things wrong. You may get the leading wrong, you may misinterpret the vision and instructions, you may get the decisions wrong, you may make the wrong choice, you may follow the wrong thing. Your mind may deceive you and your emotions may play tricks on you. You may get it wrong.

Reflective Mood; Preparing to teach at Purpose Drive Academy

Dear Minister, you may make honest mistakes. You could have said you heard God, but in retrospect, you know you heard you. You must be honest enough with yourself and the people you are leading to stop and evaluate. You shouldn’t keep going on a mission when you know God didn’t ordain it. Integrity means being honest enough to sincerely evaluate and own up. No, you may not need to apologize, but you need to stop them going further on a journey God isn’t a part of.

Many times, I see people stubbornly pursuing an agenda that they know God isn’t part of. Yes, they thought He was part of it when they started out, but now they know He isn’t, they keep going on because: what will people say, if they stop. Foolishness is fervently trying to do what cannot be done; you cannot by diligence and strategy make God say yes, to what He said no to.

James 3:2 says, “WE ALL STUMBLE IN MANY WAYS. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check’. Come on, you may stumble, it doesn’t mean you have fallen and even if you fall, it doesn’t mean you were not righteous, ‘THOUGH A RIGHTEOUS MAN FALLS SEVEN TIMES, HE WILL GET UP, but the wicked will stumble into ruin’ Proverbs 24:16. The only reason you have hope of standing is because you are righteous.

Don’t think you are infallible; be humble enough to accept the reproof of the Spirit. Be subjected to Him. For we are all not perfect, we all are still clay being constantly moulded by God.

So, if you have started a program and now you know it’s not God, stop it. If you said yes for a meeting, and you have no peace, don’t go. I thought it was God that told Balaam to go, yes God said to go, but when the donkey spoke on the road, he should have returned, and you should also. When you hear God clearly, you must obey, it doesn’t matter how far you have gone in the journey.

It is my prayer that God will continue His work of teaching, reproofing, correcting and training in righteousness in us, so that we can be equipped and awesomely furnished for the work He has called us into. Amen!

This is all I have received to share with you in this 19th Letter. Grace is given. Amen!

NB: To access the whole letter series and other resources, visit, www.letterstoyoungministers.com, and be sure to subscribe. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi



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