Ministering in the Power of the Spirit at THUG INVASION, Kwara Polytechnic

I will like to start by stating clearly that you have SPIRITUAL GIFTS doesn’t mean you are called into the fivefold ministry. Spiritual gifts are given to the body (the church) and some of its purpose is to edify (build up), exhort (encourage), and comfort the church. The Holy Spirit distributes (1 COR 12:4) and manifests (1 COR 12:5) them as He determines (1 COR 12:11). These gifts are for the body, and therefore can be given and manifested in the lives of any disciple of Christ. Yes, it may be more functional in ministers but it is not limited to them.

Therefore, the presence of spiritual gifts doesn’t mean you are called to the fivefold ministry. Ananias, the disciple, walked in the Word of Knowledge – ACTS 9:10-19, the daughters of Phillip prophesied but it didn’t mean they were called into the ministry. Some people are in ministry today because God gave them a Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, or they prophesy. But these don’t mean you should be ordained a Pastor by your spiritual oversight.

Spiritual gifts are manifested through you does not mean you have a call into ministry. You lay hands on someone and the person fell or received the Holy Ghost doesn’t mean you are now an Apostle; it may just mean you are a yielded vessel like Bro Ananias. The call to ministry is divine; it is a calling to a work and with a divine mandate and assignment.

We need to stop giving calls to people and to ourselves. Dear Minister, don’t elevate that young man or lady to the position of Prophet, Teacher, or Evangelist; if there is no divine impression, encounter or calling, then he or she is a lovely anointed believer – a brother or a sister. And we must learn to leave it at that.

We can’t continually keep desecrating the holy. Scripture says no one takes this honour upon himself except he that is called like Aaron was. HEB 5:5. If you are not called, you are not called; operating in spiritual gifts is not synonymous to ministry calling. Spiritual gifts are given to the members of the body to profit the body.

Dear Minister, God took of the spirit that was upon Moses and put it upon the elders and they all began to prophecy; yes, people noticed, Joshua got jealous and angry – these guys had the anointing, the essence of God upon them, but it didn’t mean they were called like Moses. They were still Elders of the clan. Some elders tried to drag position with Aaron, they lost their lives. Let’s leave the sacred as the sacred.

Desiring to be in ministry is a good desire, but not all desires deliver – we cannot have a Jeroboam Dynasty, consider 1 Kings 13:33, “AFTER THIS EVENT JEROBOAM DID NOT TURN FROM HIS EVIL WAY, BUT AGAIN HE MADE PRIESTS FROM EVERY CLASS OF PEOPLE FOR THE HIGH PLACES; WHOEVER WISHED, HE CONSECRATED HIM, AND HE BECAME ONE OF THE PRIESTS OF THE HIGH PLACES.” This is not about your will, it’s about God’s will. Don’t give yourself a call, don’t let people pressure you into something God hasn’t ordained you for. Don’t enter ministry when there is no genuine call.

And what is this craze about everyone being in the 5-fold ministry about, really? If I wasn’t called, I wouldn’t want it! The demands are nothing like the cars, the glitz and the honour you see! Whatever God doesn’t back up is lacking the blessing, for the blessing is in the will of God.

I believe the church is lacking in dimensions of the supernatural because we have limited the manifestation of Spiritual Gifts to the clergy – men and women of God. But our God will manifest through the ordinary, he will use all of us. He is not really interested in super powers; He is only interested in men who will yield to Him. How far will God take a yielded man, or a yielded church? The possibilities are limitless!

Paul gave the proper order of things in 1 Corinthians 14:26, ‘WHAT THEN SHALL WE SAY, BROTHERS AND SISTERS? WHEN YOU COME TOGETHER, EACH OF YOU HAS A HYMN, OR A WORD OF INSTRUCTION, A REVELATION, A TONGUE OR AN INTERPRETATION. EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE SO THAT THE CHURCH MAY BE BUILT UP.’ Each of you, brothers and sisters – you have a tongue, revelation, interpretation etc – these are manifestations of spiritual gifts. Dear minister, we must make room for such manifestations in our believers’ meetings – we must let God build His people through the body for this is the main essence of spiritual gifts.

In conclusion, dear believer, if he hasn’t called you into the ministry, please stay in your race, stay a spirit filled believer; and yes, stay full of God, and when God needs a brother like Ananias – He will use you! When God needs ladies like Phillips’s daughters, He will call upon you. The blessing is in staying in His will and mind and nothing more.

I hope this 20th Letter brings clarity to the lingering questions of whether these manifest gifts proves that you are called or not? Concerning spiritual gifts, I will share more on this topic in my next letters. Grace is given.

NB: To access the whole letter series and other resources, visit, www.letterstoyoungministers.com, and be sure to subscribe. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi



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