Ministering in the Power of the Spirit at Aflame 2018 Conference

In recent times, I have seen many people in pursuit of operations of Spiritual Gifts, young men who will fast, pray and stop at nothing to become the next supernatural Elect – they are the next general in flanks. They are seeking God for the gifts of healings, miracles, tongues, interpretation, prophecy etc. For many, the power gifts are the real deal; I applaud you and I celebrate that which you are trying to birth. Today, I write to such men who are tired of the ordinary, men who seek the God of power. And I seek to offer them a better perspective or road to a much-assured result.

To be sure, there is absolutely nothing as glorious as seeing someone through whom the Spirit is manifested. The thrill, the glory, the light, the power, the grace. Yes, the supernatural! But yet, no one lives permanently in that state. No one! I am sure you have seen people manifesting these graces and some minutes later, you see the flesh manifesting in them. Such apparent contradictions have destabilized many a believer. And truly this is not God’s plan, for such aberrations do not do the kingdom any good.

My letter today speaks to the truth that it is time we put the fruit of the Spirit before the gifts of the Spirit. Yes, we can have both, but we must pay attention to that which we can control – the fruit!

Allow me to say it clearly – spiritual gifts are not the best sign of maturity. God may choose to shine forth in a spiritually immature baby Christian. However, that doesn’t make the baby mature. Paul wrote to and about the Church in Corinth, they were a gifted people, but they were also a carnal bunch. So, a person manifests the gifts of the Spirit doesn’t mean he is a right example. Dear Minister, you must be careful of whose pattern you are following. Don’t just call anyone Father, or run after a man based on manifestations in a ministration. A lot of people have been disappointed this way.

There are Christians and ministers who do not move in the gifts of the Spirit, but they are a settled and matured people. They are walking more presently towards perfection than those who are walking in the gifts. Gifts of the Spirit are no proof of being established in the faith, there is the grace factor, God works in whomever He will. He is God!

No! Christ-like maturity is primarily indicated by the manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit, not by the presence of spiritual gifts. (Gal 5:22-23). I have seen and known men who operated in spiritual gifts, and yet there were manifestations of the works of the flesh in their lives; such as Paul spoke of in Gal 5:19-21, “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; ADULTERY, FORNICATION, UNCLEANLINESS, LASCIVIOUSNESS, IDOLATRY, WITCHCRAFT, HATRED, VARIANCE, EMULATIONS, WRATH, STRIVE, SEDITIONS, HERESIES, ENVYINGS, MURDER, DRUNKENNESS, REVELLINGS, and such like…” (Emphasis Mine). We must be a people who are more moved by fruits than gifts of the Spirit; even in your life, pay attention to the fruits of the Spirit. Live a fruitful life.

Many times we confuse the works of the flesh with demonic acts. But most times there are no demons involved, we are just dealing with the beast in us – FLESH! And it’s important that we learn as believers to put the body under, for nothing destroys our Christian walk and testimony like the Flesh. And the antidote is simply to walk in the Spirit – “THIS I SAY THEN, WALK IN THE SPIRIT, AND YOU SHALL NOT FULFILL THE LUST OF THE FLESH” Gal 5:16. But many times, rather than seeking to walk in the Spirit, we are seeking the manifestations of Spirit gifts.

Dear Young Minister, here is my admonition today. Rather than seeking manifestations of spiritual gifts; walk in the Spirit and pursue the development of the fruit of the Spirit in your life, then operations of spiritual gifts will be a gracious and consequential addition.

Be assured God will use you, but He wants you to learn to walk with Him and to mature in Him, so that He can deploy you, you can fulfill His mandate, and finish well. It is my prayer in this 22nd Letter that you will walk in the Spirit and grow in the development of the Fruits of the Spirit because against such, men, there is no Law – Aye, No Limitation!

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi



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