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Many years ago, I was ministering in a church, and then God began to tell me things, the words of knowledge were coming to me, I knew certain things, about certain people, and I knew that I knew. Then the Spirit began to nudge me to speak, to tell the church, to say it, I said ‘No, what if it’s my mind?’ God responded ‘What if it is me?’ The river was before me, would I dive in or sit at the bank of the river. I chose to follow God, I dived in, then I started, the more I said, the more I knew, it was simply just flowing – it seemed like one me was speaking, and the other me was wondering – I stepped out in faith – that complete trust in God without any physical evidence – and I hit a gusher, glory, glory, glory!!!

I wish I could tell you I always win, I remember a time I was ministering, and there was a chap with a withered hand, God said shout into the microphone, ‘hand straighten out’ – I knew it like I knew my name. I put the microphone down and shouted into his ears, ‘hand straighten out’ – needless to say, nothing happened. Even as I write this, there is a deep twisting in my belly. I knew I missed God that day, the cloak lifted as soon as I shouted in his ears. I couldn’t step out with God; I became like Moses at Meribah (Exo 17), God said speak to the rock, Moses hit the rock. Sometimes, following God’s instruction is an uphill task to the senses!

Dear Minister, I do not wish to write you a long treatise today. I just want to encourage you to work on your faith. Increase your trust in God, the more your faith increases the more your possibilities increase. We will not go further than our faith.

Manifesting spiritual gifts requires some measure of faith. Trust me, it is not saving faith, it is a greater measure of faith. Faith in the completeness of Christ. Faith in His word. Faith in His ability. Faith in His love. Faith in His compassion. Faith in His works. And faith in the mystery of His power. You will not work miracles, if you do not talk miracles. You will not prophecy if you do not speak out what you see or hear. You will not move in the Word of Wisdom or Word of Knowledge if you do not learn to trust His Spirit’s impression on your spirit. You will not speak in diverse tongues – if you do not launch out in your spirit, neither will you interpret if you allow your senses rule you.

Read closely, what is Faith? Faith is to believe in, and trust in something or someone with no physical evidence to do so. Faith is to hold a conviction true, to have reliance in, to have assurance of, to feel confident about, and to have trust in something or someone. (Heb 11:1, 2 Cor 5:7, John 11:40, Rom 10:11, John 14:12). You must hold your conviction in God very high, you must move on in God without any physical evidence. Just walk in the Spirit!

But a warning here, don’t go on based on presumptions. Don’t prophesy because of goosebumps, don’t say it is word of knowledge, when it is word from knowledge. Don’t open yourself up to strange spirits, like I will always maintain, if the spirit is not manifesting, then stick to the word. It is a sure ground!

Let me conclude with the lovely and impactful Hillsong song – Oceans;

‘You call me out upon the waters

The great unknown where feet may fail

And there I find You in the mystery

In oceans deep

My faith will stand’

Manifesting spiritual gifts is being called to walk upon the waters; especially for the first-time travellers, it is to the great unknown; feet may fail, and you may fail also, but in the mystery of everything and the in betweens,  you will find Him. It is my prayer for you in this 23rd letter that ‘in oceans deep, your faith will stand’. Grace to you and live in the fullness of the Spirit.

Your Greatness is Assured,

Fisayo Adeniyi


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