Of Haste and Divine Timing

Many years ago, I was in a conversation with a USED to be associate. He was angry and livid at a decision I made. He felt I wasn’t pushing the button enough, he felt it was time to break out, blow and become big. Fantastic! He thought there were about five plans we could execute immediately, and yet my answer was HALT.

I wasn’t ready. I may look like I had it together. It may seem like I can preach and the Holy Spirit was bearing witness to His word with signs and wonders. But I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t and I knew it. I may as well launch out and leave God behind; I may step out of God’s agenda for my life, I may move ahead of my capacity. And yet, the failures will not be his but mine. Remember, you are directly responsible for the decisions of your life.

I have seen this play out in the life of many young ministers. I know someone whom God showed a vision of His tomorrow and immediately, he went to work. Needless to say, the whole venture failed. Why? The vision is for an appointed time – there is a time in God’s agenda for your life. A time to be trained, to train, to help, to learn, to build, to flourish, to teach, to be helped, to make impact, etc. Understanding of what time and season you are is important for your flourishing and peace of mind.

Most times, haste not God and not even the devil is the enemy. Haste is defined as acting with excessive speed without sufficient consideration. It can also be defined as something said or done in a hurried or cursory fashion without due deliberation, prayerfulness or forethought. (Pro 14:29b, Acts 19:36, Pro 29:20). So before you launch out, before you start, before you move; have you counted the cost? Has God said move? Is there a plan? Can you sustain this? Is it time? I am not saying is it God’s mind, I am asking is it time? For, He only makes things beautiful in its time (Ecc 3:11).

To be anywhere without God is to really be in a dire situation. God has an agenda for every life. Yes, God has a purpose for your life, but your purpose has a calendar. Jesus was always working with a divine timing – “THEREFORE JESUS TOLD THEM, MY TIME IS NOT YET HERE; FOR YOU ANY TIME WILL DO” John 7:6. Other scriptures that explain this in the life of Christ are, Matt 26:18, John 7:8, 30, 2:4. 

Dear Minister, I know you want to make impact, you want to spread the good news of Christ and you want to wrought valiant things for the kingdom, but there is no greater frustration than fervently trying to push an idea that it’s time hasn’t come. Many beautiful visions, giftings, callings and ministries have been killed because of haste. In ministry, delivery outside of time is premature birth, and there is only one outcome – death. 

There is nothing as beautiful as walking with God! Nothing as awesome as being in tandem with Christ! And nothing as blissful as being in Sync with the Spirit! Dear Minister, endless possibilities reside in your future, but will you be patient enough to wait? Here is my prayer for you in this 24th Letter, that you will always walk in God’s Divine Timing for your purpose and ministry. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured 

Fisayo Adeniyi 

2 comments on “Of Haste and Divine Timing

  1. We choose to wait🙇


  2. Help us understand divine timing and seasons Lord and give us the heart to be patient while we wait.


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