I was told a story about a pastor and a particular church member. The church member would always yell, ‘Yes sir, tell them sir’, during every sermon. And the Pastor was thinking, God, may this chap know I am also preaching to him. This went on for months. On a particular Sunday, there was a heavy downpour and only this guy and the pastor were able to make it to church. The pastor was elated, at least today, he is the only one, and he would know I am talking to him, he thought. The pastor preached like a house on fire, and after the service, the young man approached the pastor and said, ‘Sir, that was a great sermon, I wish they were here so they could hear it’. 😅

MOG, I hope this doesn’t describe your attitude, I hope you are truly learning. I have never sat under a man and thought: he isn’t speaking to me. Every word of God is for us. Even, if they are not new to me, it doesn’t me I cannot hear it again, or doesn’t faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God.

Today, I see many attend conferences, conventions and camp meetings and I see no changes in their lives. And I know the problem is not what is taught, the problem is their disposition; and there are 3 evil dispositions I have seen:

A. I know that. Didn’t God share that with me years ago.

B. Always sourcing for preaching materials. Oh, that’s so great, my church, sons and daughters need to hear that. Good stuff!

C. They attend conferences, so as to feel like ministers. Therefore the primary purpose is attendance, pictures and connections NOT PRIMARILY LEARNING. Ministry is not what you do per se, it’s a calling. 

Until we see God’s teachings as personal to us, we will not learn. And unfortunately, your growth is limited if you will not learn. Learn under your pastor, learn for you and not for others. Stop looking for deep stuffs, it seems you haven’t even grasped the simple stuffs enough. Remember, every word from God is for you personally. 

Only learners grow up in this kingdom. If you will keep growing, you will have to remove the toga of pride, and learn in humility. Dear MOG, learn and keep learning. That’s all I have got today in my 26th letter, I hope it helps. Grace is yours!

Fisayo Adeniyi

Your Greatness is Assured!


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