“You only Had Galant Faith not Camry Faith”

The greatest battle you will have to fight is the battle of your faith. You need to constantly be on your guard against Faith Theft by Satan. For whether you are a faith preacher or not, things operate and work by faith, and the less faith you have, the less kingdom advancement that will be wrought through you. Faith is an advantage.

I will give you a story here and now; some years back, I was believing God for a Toyota Camry 2008. One particular day, after I had prayed so long in the spirit – you know that type that you are sure you contacted God, I knew the car had come. I was basking in joy. I had touched my car. I knew it like I knew my name. Then the unimaginable happen!

The very next day – I was given a Mitsubishi Galant 1990 Model🤫🤫🤫 I am not joking. As I continued home, and for the next few weeks the devil kept telling me, your faith delivered, but that was all you had faith for.😀😀😀. He continued, you only had ‘Galant Faith, not Camry Faith’. 

My First Daughter in the car – 2017 – The Galant Faith 😀😀😀

Dear folks, never let the devil pin your faith on material things! Never!!! Oh the material is good, substance is excellent, but spiritual things can never be equalized with material things. 

Have you ever believed God for a better job and then you get sacked from the present one? Have you prayed for the sick and he died? Have you believed for money and then you had to borrow? Have you been in situations that cannot be explained? Yes, you were faithful, diligent, prayerful, studious and always on your watch – yet life happens.

MOG, the devil is attacking your faith. His goal is not so you don’t have, or so you can be embarrassed. No, the goal is that you stop believing God! He wants you to believe your faith isn’t good enough – that God is not really interested, that He hasn’t called you. He wants you to doubt the goodness of God and the potency of scriptures. I mean, if you believe your faith is weak and defective, how can you help others? Listen friends, your faith should not be hinged on possession of earthly things. Even if and when those things don’t appear, keep your faith in and on Christ. 

Don’t listen to the lies of the devil. Certain things are not Faith Based, they are Time and Purpose based. It’s not a function of how big your faith is, if it isn’t yet time, it isn’t time. God works all things after the counsel of His own will, and there is a timing to God’s will. It is important you have confidence in your faith in God – because when you lose your faith, you lose everything. I know you lost some battles in time past, I know your faith failed before, but pick up the good fight. Stay in the ring of life. Don’t give up. You will win. Everything is dependent on your faith. 

You can become all that God has planned for you. In the same place of failure, you can experience success. In the same place of lack, abundance is coming. Keep your head up, and keep your faith high. Let this 27th letter inspire you to Keep trusting God, keep the atmosphere of prayer, and keep confessing the word. The devil will not prevail over your faith. You will win, you shall win and you must win. Grace to you. Amen!

NB: The pictures are the realities of the Galant Blessings. The year 2016. 😆😆😆. Glory!!!!

2016 – standing by the side of the car

Your Greatness is Assured 

Fisayo Adeniyi

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