EPISTLE TO JUDAH OLORUNMAIYE – We must Contend for the Faith!

EPISTLE TO JUDAH OLORUNMAIYE – We must Contend for the Faith!

Dear Brother and fellow worker in the Faith.

I have always received with great joy; the news of the great work God is doing in and through you. We must contend earnestly for the faith that God through the fathers have given to us. Such faith is pure, holy, true and with all sincerity. And we know it is built on the foundation of the word, prayer and Spirit; and not on drama, hypocrisy, light fun and cheap entertainment. The wisdom of God is always true.

Brother, I write to you so that you can be encouraged, and that you do not cave in to the roaring of deceptive teachers, prophets and their followers. We must rather remain steadfast in the defence of the gospel. Also please do well to share this open letter with the physical and the virtual flock under you. 

You will recall that Jude’s call to ‘CONTEND EARNESTLY FOR THE FAITH’ is not a call to guard against the inroads or attitude of unbelievers but to contend against wolves in sheep clothing. People who claim to be shepherds but are wolves – and there are many who look like us, but are not of us. Devils clothed in angels’ attire. They are those who have turned the hallowed pulpit and the church of Christ, the very pillar and ground of truth to a place of clowns, amusement and pleasure.


  1. We are the advocates of TRUTH. The demands of us calling ourselves ‘The way of Truth’ is that – we cannot allow falsehood. Because lies, deception and falsehood undermine truth.
  2. We must be Christian Apologetics – defending the truth. And without Apologetics we will have an incomplete Bible – or what do we do with the writings of John, Jude, Peter, and the first 6 books of revelations and even the letter to Galatia? These were writings basically to contend for the faith. As a Teacher, I am sure you know – I have taught sermons to defend the faith against inroads of clowns, law givers, Gnostics and modern day Nicolaitans. Sermons such as, ‘Contending Earnestly for The Faith’, ‘Who is your Father’, ‘Are you a Christian’, ‘Grace, Grace, All Grace’ readily come to mind.
  3. We must teach our people to return to the word. Many say, we all need the spirit of discernment against wolves. No, we don’t necessarily, we need to return to scriptures, that is where spiritual intelligence is birthed. We need to study the whole counsel of God and their apparent folly will be made further clear.
  4. We must emphasize fruits and character over results. Result doesn’t necessarily have to be from God. But character cannot be faked. If we are being truthful, how many of such questionable characters (Wolves) would you allow to lay hands on you.
  5. Again, watch you company, or may I say, teach your people to be careful of characters who are found in strange companies. Fathers with sons of questionable characters and vice-versa. 

I want to encourage you with Jude 1, we must be careful and warn against these characters:

A. Those who have gone in the way of Cain. Selfish people, who will not follow the ways and precept of God. Bitter folks. Jude 1:11

B. Those who have gone in the error of Balaam. 2 Pet 2:15. Not only them but their supporters. People who think ministry is about money and financial gain. Those who have turned ministry into a goldmine. They take the saying, ‘only fools doubt proofs’ to mean Benz, big churches, mansions and watches.

C. Those who have gone in the way of Korah. Those who were called but will not remain in their office. When William Branham left the office of a Prophet to a Teacher – error came, and physical death soon followed. 

And you know, as the wise knows dear brother, that they are:

  • Spots in your feast of love. Sowing the seed of discord, tarnishing the path of salvation and wrecking the faith of many.
  • Clouds they are without water. They make a lot of noise in their churches, yet there is little power and impact. Deceitful with twists and tricks.
  • Trees without fruit. They call your attention, but when you move closer or hear them further, you will see like Jesus with the fig they are barren. Useless as spiritual instructors. Little wonder we have many shallow believers because they are taught by dead prophets and teachers.
  • Raging waves of the sea. 2 Pet 3:18. They seem powerful and so get lots of attention but they are DESTROYERS of faith, homes, families, businesses and people.
  • Sensual not having the Spirit. They are sensual men and women, they say high sounding nonsense, and show forth their carnality. We really do not know whether it is gospel of Christ or gospel of the ‘prophet’, ‘teacher’ or ‘pastor’. People who share the bread of Christ and still share the bed with their members – making them worse children of devils.

My brother, we live in a time of serious error and great deceit. We can’t afford to fold our hands. We must contend for the faith. 1 John 1:1, 1 Tim 6:12, 2 Tim 2:2, 1 Pet 3:5, 2 Tim 4:2. 

Recently, I heard one of them saying his church members don’t need the Holy Spirit as he is the Spirit. Little wonder they refer to him with all the titles of the third person of the trinity. The devil is not winning as the devil, but he has translated himself into the angels of light and yet we do not know. 

And yes, there are a lot of translations these days – God help us! That he speaks like Christ, doesn’t mean he is of Him. And a crowd in the audience means nothing – broad is the way for a result seeking people. Ask yourselves are they being formed into Christ? Are they believing God or their prophets? Does this person have the spirit of Christ? If they don’t, they are not of Christ. Anybody can be a seer? 

By their fruits you shall always know them. Check their family tree, and check their children. Then you will have an idea who they are. Many of these so-called servants of … cannot even narrate the way of salvation. I am not saying Greek or Hebrew. Plainly just tell people how to be saved. What do you think is the purpose of miracles? Salvation! Witness!

Again, we are in the last days, and men have started to hewn for themselves teachers and prophets. If you will continually teach the word and emphasize the ways of Christ, you would have done well. Greet Adedamola and Perez, my extended family in your house. Send my love to Samuel, Esther and all of God’s people in your care. Grace to you! 

In Christ,

Fisayo Adeniyi

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