Many years ago, I used to know a guy who sent mails, texts and did a lot of calls, trying to connect and build relationships with other ministers, the problem was that the ministers he was seeking for were those who had platforms and those he deemed popular and impactful. Those who had ‘nothing’ were zeroed. He couldn’t care less about them. Shameful, right? I thought so to! He also became zeroed. It is folly to pursue that which God hasn’t ordained.

But that attitude is not exactly his fault. It’s sometimes the effect of exposing yourselves to books and seminars that teach on 20 ways to make it – the stuffs of idiots! It’s the reason you shouldn’t mix God’s wisdom with earthly wisdom, for that which is earthly is earthly. We cannot continually claim spiritual intelligence while we walk with demonic strategies of manipulation and witchcraft.

You shouldn’t desire a relationship because you think it can become instrumental. A lot of this is going on in Christianity today and it must stop. We must stop getting close to persons for the purpose of fame, power and respect – you can’t keep jumping from one big phenomenon to the other. 

Stop chasing people so that they can invite you to preach on their platforms. Stop sending unsolicited sermon links to them. Stop pretending to care for people so you can speak at their seminars. Stop chasing down popular ministers. I have seen young people, who have turned the Lord’s pulpit to the place of oiling relationships. If God puts a program in your heart, ask Him who should speak. Don’t just go find a friend, so that when he is doing his own, he can call you – spiritual things shouldn’t be turn by turn. 

Don’t call a ‘big man’, so that you can enter into their inner cycles – or drop their names everywhere. You have neglected you pastor, because of Apostle ‘Barnabas’. You don’t speak to your father because you are chasing after Prophet ‘Aquila’, YOU ARE NOT DOING WELL!

I hear people say, ‘I was the first person to bring Rev Lamido to town’! What kind of nonsense bragging is that? That is the mark of carnality. We are called to do the will of God, and His will includes your relationships, connections and ministry programs.

Dear Minister, just be yourself and follow God’s leading for your life. If He says draws close to Agabus, then be close to him – let your iron sharpen his iron. All relationships are not for pulpit exchange. If He tells you to join Paul while he was in Arabia – join him, not because he will soon blow ☄️🔥but because your destinies are aligned.

I have people in my life who we share, speak, pray, study and challenge each other. Some I am older than, some are older than me. Some obviously knows more and have become more than me. But these are no ordinary relationships. I may not go on the rooftop and shout about them – they are covenant relationships. God directed and ordained relationships.

We may never even have snapped pictures together, not to speak of posting them. But they are instrumental to my life. Their purpose is not Ministry platforms, enlargements, photo ops or name dropping. They are for destiny grooming and development. 

It is time we return to the primary laws of kingdom connections – friends connected on the basis of kingdom sharing and sharpening. We must stop the demonic pursuit of famous names and ministers while we neglect the humble Shepherds, Friends and Brothers God has called us to.

Dear Minister, with this 28th letter, may the Lord guide your heart in the path of grace, love and kingdom connections. Amen!

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi


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