Recently, I was drawn to take a closer look at certain generals of the faith, and what I observed is really the core of my gist today. It is that they all possessed a sound mind; a brilliant intellect!

I know that the core of ministry is spiritual, but at certain times, we refuse or demean the necessity of a sound mind and reasoning – as we concentrate all effort on the spirit. Certainly, the spirit is important but you shouldn’t neglect your soul – mind. Scripture tells us that Jesus from an early age was in the synagogue reasoning with the scribes and teachers of the law, and they wondered where he got all this knowledge from – He possessed a sound mind! Also, Paul says to renew the mind.

Teaching the Word – Sermon Note on Phone!

Dear MOG, you may have revelation, but without a sound mind and reasoning, you cannot logically and persuasively present a convincing gospel case to the world. Paul was such a great intellectual with a sound mind! A thorough study of his books will show you that here was a knowledgeable giant, someone with a sound mind; it was the reason he was able to compare spiritual with spiritual and draw out graceful insights as to what God is doing in the now.

As I study church history, and listen to sermons of generals of old, I am amazed at the level of their wisdom, their ability to understand systems, the power of their words, their intrinsic grace to simplify and communicate spiritual truths – now that is a product of a sound mind and pure soul. Just read the books of Charles Finney, John G. Lake, John Calvin, C. S. Lewis, Myles Munroe etc or listen to the sermons of  W. F. Kumuyi, T. D. Jakes, George Adegboye, Max Lucado, Paul Adefarasin, Poju Oyemade, Joshua Selma etc.

Ministry demands that you are spiritual; but your ministry is greatly dependent on the systems and order you build. Your capacity to think through processes, to make decisions, to lead and organize, to analyze problems and understand systems; to inspire and manage men and other resources, these are essential factors in birthing success in ministry.

Where do we go from here? Exercise your mind. Read books, develop yourself, study new things – don’t stop learning. Enlist in a course, understand concepts, learn biblical principles, seek God’s answers and perspectives to today’s challenge, pursue after knowledge and information in challenging areas – not all things answer to prayers, some things answer to knowledge. Keep delving into new frontiers, the more you use your mind – the sharper it gets and the greater the possibilities for you. 

Finally, dear MOG, guard your mind against corruption, bitterness and heavy. A pure soul is a joy of heaven. I hope this 31st letter helps in taking you further into the fullness of His will. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured,

Fisayo Adeniyi


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