We were introduced to the character called Apollos in Acts 18:24-28. The Bible says concerning him that he was a Jew, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man and mighty in scriptures. Now, that is an awesome Curriculum Vitae! That should make any man BOUNCE with horizontal shoulders. Winks! The Bible further says, he was ‘INSTRUCTED IN THE WAYS OF THE LORD AND BEING FERVENT IN SPIRIT, HE SPAKE AND TAUGHT DILIGENTLY THE THINGS OF THE LORD…’ He was a fantastic guy, a fire brand preacher. But there was a problem, HE KNEW ONLY THE BAPTISM OF JOHN.

So when Aquila and Pricilla, people with better understanding of the good news heard him, the Bible says , ‘…THEY TOOK HIM UNTO THEM, AND EXPOUNDED UNTO HIM THE WAY OF GOD MORE PERFECTLY’. Acts 18:26. Something hit me about this episode, which I believe we must consider if we also shall attain greater heights in life and ministry. THE HUMBLE SPIRIT POSSESSED BY APOLLOS.

Now I believe at this time, Apollos was pretty popular amongst the Hellenist Jews. He taught the things of the Lord passionately. He was not a young or new preacher. And the Bible says he was pretty good at what he did. Yet when he was invited for more knowledge, he took advantage of it. For me, that is HUMILITY! We can’t just close our minds – we must seek to progress in the things of God. No matter the number of years we have used in ministry, we must be always learning, ever coming to the knowledge of the truth. I know many people in my days who will accuse Aquila and Pricilla of being envious of their results – balderdash!

The question is how many Apollos do we have? How many in this generation will listen when they are told their revelation is incomplete. While it is not bad to declare what you know now, you must listen when taught, and seek to increase. This will be impossible if we are not teachable. TRUE LEADERS ARE TEACHABLE. And Proverbs 9:9 says, ‘GIVE INSTRUCTION TO A WISE MAN, AND HE WILL BE YET WISER: TEACH A JUST MAN, AND HE WILL INCREASE IN LEARNING’.

We should never let go of learning. You must be teachable. I know the grace and anointing of God is great on you. I also know your revelation is awesome – but Man of God, LEARN TO LEARN. I love the way Acts 17:11 spoke of the Berean Christians, ‘THESE WERE MORE NOBLE THAN THOSE IN THESSALONICA, IN THAT THEY RECEIVED THE WORD WITH ALL READINESS OF MIND, AND SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES DAILY, WHETHER THOSE THINGS WERE SO’. Be sure to receive the word with all readiness of mind. AGAIN, READINESS OF MIND!

Learning is an art and science that we must learn. Focus on learning. Listen to people, listen to understand their viewpoint and interpretations. Don’t become picky and critical seeking for that one line, one word or one statement that seems wrong. We must dump the critical, I know it all, and our revelation is higher and greater spirit. Such will lead to a place – where you are right now! But God wants you to increase.

Learning in humility is the SURE way to progress, dear Minister I hope this 31st letter helps.

Your Greatness is Assured!
Fisayo Adeniyi

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