I was seated with one of my respected elders – mentors in ministry and I asked, Sir, ‘What happened to Pastor So…” and his answer was both simple and lucid. He wasn’t accountable to anyone. When I asked for more, he volunteered “He refused to submit, he refused to listen and he refused to be corrected”.

Dear Minister, you must be accountable! To be accountable means the quality or state of being accountable especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. If no one can question you. You are on the highway to losing it. You must be open to questioning about your ministry, relationships, financial and physical decisions. When you know someone will ask, then you are careful and thoughtful with decisions.

Ultimately, our accountability is to God, but it should not stop with Him. There are systems that God has built around us to help us remain focused and to help ensure we are making right choices and decisions. Let me give you some accountability plugs – this is by no means exhaustive.

1. Your Spouse and Family – If You are married, you must accept responsibility for them. And you must listen to them. Let your spouse be able to question you? Let him/her ask for the rationale for certain decisions. 

Encourage them to speak truth to you. Watch and guard them. You can’t neglect them, and you must account for your actions with them. They see you and they know you. 

Many pastor’s children are disoriented because what they see in private is different from what they see in public. You are accountable for their soul and spirit! If they buy into your vision, you have a team already, and if they don’t, you already have a stigma.

2. Your Ministry members. Though your people honour you; you must honour them by being responsible. Make decisions that generate trust – don’t go and hobnob with wicked people. Don’t have ‘aristos’ and ‘yahoo boys and ritualists’ as best friends. 

Give them information; explain rationale for decisions as much as possible, love them and take responsibility. 

You can’t live as Lord over them; you are an helper of their joy. Don’t berate them, don’t peddle the word for gain. Respect the elderly, honour them as fathers, teach with love and guard them in grace. 

There should be people in your ministry who can have candid talks with you. Men who can say, “Pastor, you no try sir…”. You need Truth speakers and not boot lickers.

3. Have a Spiritual Guard. A father or mentor – someone who can tell you the truth. Someone who can tell you just the way it is. 

Sometimes, protégés and mentees can kill you with flattery. You need a place where Truth can be said without being coated. You need someone to guard you; reproof, teach, love you, yes you need a place to serve.

It is dangerous to live life without accountability, very dangerous! Joash the King of Judah made wise decisions, lived right and was honorable all the days of Jehoiada the priest, because he was accountable to him, but the moment Jehoiada died, he went crazy. He went haywire. He sinned against God.

Men are God’s guarding staff on the way to destiny. Don’t go haywire, don’t run crazy – why should you lose your life and ministry? 

Don’t be too sure and run alone. Don’t be too arrogant to listen. Surround yourself with a checking system. Humble yourself and live as God ordained. You need to be accountable. 

May God cloth us with grace and humility…and that is my heartfelt prayer for all of us in this 32nd letter. Grace is given!

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi

#pfaspeaks #pfa #theclanpastor


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