In recent times I have been ruminating, meditating on the concept of Association. I am reminded again and again of the many conversations I have had with many generals and elects of God and how they have spoken on the importance of Associations to success in ministry.

Dear Minister, do not be deceived, relationships matter in ministry. Look around you, it seems God works in and through company’s of men, clans and lineages of the blessed. It seems there are spiritual friends, clans and families that have peculiar graces and anointing working and flowing through them. This is a valid truth.

Jesus had a company, Paul had a company, Barnabas had a company, John had a company, Peter had a company – and based on evidences of scriptures and the early church history, certain things were unique to those clan and lines.

Therefore, you must have a company; friends, mentors, fathers etc. BUT YOU MUST BE CAREFUL HOW YOU CHOOSE YOUR ASSOCIATION. The underlying reason cannot be attraction, likes and fame; those are the things that matter in the world. In ministry, the underlying basis are VALUES. Values are defined as your principles and standards of behavior. What you hold as important and beneficial; a person’s definition of ethical and moral correctness.

You must choose your company based on values. YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE WITH A CALLING AND A COLLAR. No, you are not their enemy, but it doesn’t mean you are their friend either. Though ministry is spiritual, your major trading resource is integrity.

There are many questions you must answer before joining a clan or building familiarity or friendship, and here are some of them;

1. How does this person define ministry? Service? Business?

2. What is success in ministry for this person? Kingdom, Fame or Wealth?

3. What is his motive in ministry? Money, Fame, Jesus or Kingdom Expansion?

4. Who are his friends? What do they teach? Are they humble and submissive?

5. What are his tenets of faith and belief? What does he teach? Grace, Lasciviousness? Law?

6. What is his Vision? Where is he going? What’s his plan? Can he motivate me or will he bust me?

7. Is he submitted to anyone? Is there an authority over his life? Or is he only submitted to the Holy Spirit?

8. Is he moral or immoral? How does he handle the opposite sex? What’s his language like?

9. How does he treat his family? Does he value his wife? Does he treat his children like trash? Or does he honour and celebrate them?

10. How does he define honour? New Testament? Greek😜 or you know what I mean.

Dear Minister, be careful who you walk with. The outcome of your life is hugely impacted by the kinds of people that access your life. Every man carries a spirit, be careful of the kind of spirit you expose yourself to. Many people’s lives have been turned upward because they are walking with the right people, and many still continue to struggle in life, again because of the company they keep.

It is my prayer in this 35th letter that you will find an empowering company, such as Paul and Barnabas had at Antioch – a company where your divine graces, callings and purposes are set loose to fly!

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi


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