As a minister, one of the things you will soon realize is that you have authority. Authority over men. It doesn’t matter how small your scope of operation is.  People will genuinely honour you, they will seek your opinion, and will concede to your wisdom. It means you can tell them what to do and what not to do. Let me say it simply, you will have influence over people.

How should you use your authority? Paul answered it aptly, “For even if I should boast somewhat more about our AUTHORITY, WHICH THE LORD GAVE US FOR EDIFICATION AND NOT FOR YOUR DESTRUCTION, I shall not be ashamed—” (Emphasis mine) II Corinthians 10:8 NKJV. Paul was saying, people of God, the purpose of my authority in Christ is to build you up, and not to destroy you.

This truth drives me daily; I am always pushing for the growth and development of people. Many people have even gotten angry with me because of this; but it doesn’t matter, here is my responsibility and God will hold me accountable for it – my authority is for the purpose of their moral, intellectual and spiritual improvement and instructions.

Dear MOG, God’s word is abundantly clear – with authority comes responsibility. The more the people who concedes to you, the more the responsibility you bear. You must constantly and continually assess all relationships – am I helping this person? Is this person growing? Am I building him up? Is this person getting better in character and Christlikeness?

Many people walk as if the goal of spiritual mentorship and fatherhood is so that the person can contribute to their ministry – yes it’s important that Elisah contributes his quota to the fulfillment of Elijah’s ministry. But it is much more important that Elisah becomes better in character, in God’s likeness and in navigating the will of God for his life and in his time.

Again, the goal is edification – building up, increase, and nurturing to become more Christ like. This should be the primary responsibility of the Father to the son. It’s what you owe the persons under your authority. They are not mere cheer leaders, neither are they simply water carriers – they are more than that – they are God’s allotted responsibility to you.

So, the next time someone says “Daddy, Father, Sir, Mentor…” don’t bounce and behave like you have arrived. Bow your head, search in the spirit, be careful of every decisions and words because they are watching and listening – be sure you are doing all unto edification. 

Grace to you dear minister, as you begin to walk in authority and responsibility concerning the people God has given you. Whether they are 2,5,10, 200, 1000, remember your responsibility towards them is their growth and development. You are responsible for the development of those lives. In this 37th letter, I pray God empowers you to live in the fullness of your authority. 

Your Greatness is Assured 

Fisayo Adeniyi


  1. Blessed


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