Recently, I was teaching a Bible School class, and I was sharing with them about the concept of idols – and how subtly idols get introduced into our lives. I told them, one of the things I tell myself constantly, in prayers, in thoughts, at work or anywhere, “Fisayo, Focus on Jesus!”.  Why is that important? Because the moment something else takes a higher seat than Him – an idol is elevated!

And yes, no child of God intentionally walks to an idol and joins himself or herself to it. And here I am not speaking of those caricatures inside a mud house, that men pour oil on. I am speaking of the subtle strategy of the devil to derail many people from running the race Christ has set before them. Our greatest alignment must be, putting Jesus first.

To this generation, the idols are rather classy, awesome, precious and cool – they seem harmless but then they dethrone Christ. When Christ is dethroned, ministry is derailed and mission is aborted. Yes, even the ministry can soon become an idol; you can set yourself up as an idol – people worship may become an intense allure for you. Success, Fame, Wealth, Power, Signs, etc may become an idol.

What are Idols? Idols are anything that you give your life to. That you give all your energy into in hopes of it bringing you the things you desire in return. ANYTHING YOU PLACE ABOVE GOD – ANYTHING THAT HAS TAKEN THE HIGHEST PLACE. 

To be sure, there are many idols we struggle with and many of them creep into our lives without us even realizing them. We assign far too much value, energy, and hope to these things. The idols we build in our lives are serious offenses against God. They are the new strategies of the enemy to hinder us – and they seem very, very, very innocent.

But God’s attitude then, is what it is now. He hates idolatry. He is jealous and He won’t want anything to take His place. Dear MOG, I know you are serving God, but do a forensic analysis of all your thoughts, plans and actions. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the goal? Why are you posting regularly? Why are you even praying as much as you do? Why do you want more members? Why are you leaving where you are? Why? If your answers are not Jesus focused – then realign! 

In my 40th Letter, I seek to warn you of the dangers of Idols, “EPHRAIM IS JOINED TO IDOLS; LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Hos 4:17(NIV). God can deal with many things, but He can’t deal with idols in the heart, it’s the reason He says to serve Him with our Body, Soul and Spirit. It’s all of us or nothing. Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured

Fisayo Adeniyi

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