I have been in ministry for a TINY BIT OF YEARS. Smiles! And in my years I have been dazed at the level of commitment, passion, knowledge driven zeal of many ministers and believers. I love it when I see a man given to God. For me, we are saved to serve, not as full time ministers – because how many pulpits can we really make from all the trees in the world? We are ultimately saved to give back to the kingdom. This is the ministry of every believer. This is what we are called to – to be the Light of the World, to be as salt influencing our world for Christ. By and by therefore our ministry is supposed to be all about the Lord.

But I have seen a serious ploy by the devil that we all must resist – it is the PURSUE OF FAME AND GLORIFICATION OF SELF. I have seen many people crave for platforms, to the end that people may know they have anointing – I hear folks say, ‘wan a gba’ (meaning dem go take, I will show them). Apologies to those who don’t understand Yoruba. Self-aggrandizement, Self-publicity is the order of the day. Men who drapes of the anointing with their different shades of glory – smh!  Men who are encumbered with the evil holy trinity of man – me, myself and I. BUT MAN OF GOD, ARE YOU PURSUING YOUR INCREASE – ‘YOUR NAME’ OR THAT OF JESUS CHRIST?

The outlook to ministry should be as John puts it when He was told concerning the increase in the ministry of Christ, John said in 3:30, ‘HE MUST BECOME GREATER; I MUST BECOME LESS’ (NIV). This should be the outlook of every minister of God. We seek the glory of Christ. He must be projected higher than us. We must consciously seek to get out of the scene and let Him have the preeminence. It should forever be about the increase of the kingdom and not the increase of your name. He died for all – we didn’t die for all. His blood saved, not ours. He wasn’t a martyr, He was the savior.

When Christ was walking and working on earth in the days of His flesh He also had this disposition – ‘I AM NOT SEEKING GLORY FOR MYSELF; BUT THERE IS ONE WHO SEEKS IT, AND HE IS THE JUDGE’ NIV John 8:50. Jesus wasn’t seeking His glory, and dear folks you must not seek your glory. Let God glorify you, as He wishes and pleases. Your task is to glorify Him – He, and not you must take the glory, because He doesn’t share His glory with any man.

Again Jesus said in John 7:18, words which I think will suffice here, ‘HE WHO SPEAKS ON HIS OWN DOES SO TO GAIN HONOR FOR HIMSELF, BUT HE WHO WORKS FOR THE HONOR OF THE ONE WHO SENT HIM IS A MAN OF TRUTH; THERE IS NOTHING FALSE ABOUT HIM’. This simple statement again proves to us that there are many people who do the work of ministry to gain honour for themselves. But we know men of truth because they work for the honour of the God that sent them.

Seek the honour of God. Glorify Christ in all that you do. For He must continually increase and we must decrease.

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi


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