Eagles were made to soar, but they aren’t born soaring, no, they are trained to soar. It is training, tutoring and guidance that makes the Eagle what it is.

If you are CALLED of God, in your calling is the wiring for supernatural possibilities. But if you are going to become the possibilities, you need a voice, a guide, a tutor and an instructor.

My heart desire in line with my life purpose is to, ‘Teach purpose to God’s people and empower them to be all that was in His mind at their creation’. I believe when God had a need, He made you. It is time to become the full expression of God’s mind and purpose. Allow me walk with you in pursuit of purpose.

I do not believe that everyone reading this should commit to this. But if you are persuaded God wants you in this, that you want to be a part of PFA MENTORS, then fill the form below. Understand that filling the form doesn’t guarantee space – but at least it shows I can contact you when there is space.

I Teach. I Nurture. I Empower.

With Love,

Fisayo Adeniyi

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“I really enjoyed the lessons. Tough, awesome but very informing. This helped took me further in life and ministry. Love it, and truly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you PFA “
John S.

“The engagement and task were challenging and truly inspiring. It helped revealed great treasures in me. Now, I know for certain where God wants me to go, and how I am going to get there. Lovely program. Loved that I took advantage.”
Tope. A