At salvation the believer receives the fundamental and distinctive characteristics of love, which is unchangeable. He receives what I call the LOVE DNA. Therefore it is possible for the believer to walk in love – because at the point of salvation he received the Love DNA. God, who Himself is love, implanted Himself into theContinue Reading

The Love Walk

Man, has a choice to walk in love. Walking in love is a choice, a choice made much more possible to the believer by the Holy Spirit. God made free will being who can choose to relate with Him in love. In essence God created love beings, because robots can’t love. They have no emotion.Continue Reading

The Lifestyle of Love

Love it’s not just a feeling, it’s not just emotions. Don’t get me wrong those things are essential, they are part of love. Emotions are very important, but love is defined with what you do with and after your emotions. Feelings are not just enough, it  is what you do with your feeling that showsContinue Reading